NEWS: Bella Alubo features on Notorious B.I.G’s new single

Notorious BIG x Bella Alubo
Notorious BIG x Bella Alubo

Twenty-five years after the death of Legendary Rapper Notorious B.I.G, the Notorious B.I.G. Estate will release a new single to celebrate his 50th posthumous birthday.

B.I.G remains one of the greatest rapper of all time alongside Tupac Shakur. He died on the 9th day of March, 1997.

The new single tagged “G.O.A.T” will feature Ty Dolla $ign and Nigeria’s Bella Alubo and also will be out tomorrow (20th May, 2022) to celebrate the rapstar.

This is surely a big win for Bella Alubo who was formerly under Tinny Entertainment.

Bella Alubo hails from Benue State, Nigeria, was born and raised in the city of Jos, growing up as a poet which gifted her the ability to be a skilled songwriter.

Her popular releases; Radio, Agbani and, Gimme Love, left an impression on fans.

Listen to the snippet of the song below.


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